Official vehicle handover from Lüpold AG to driver Alex Gsell

The vehicle was transfed to his proud chauffeur.


Official vehicle handover

With his long-time experience as a Dyna Combi driver, Mr. Alex Gsell took over the brand-new Dyna Combi. The new vehicle stands out from the common grey painted vehicle fleet of the Lüpold Company. It is already his second commitment as a pilot of a Dyna Combi driver. Alex Gsell will use the Dyna Combi for maintenance on a Swiss railway line this year for a longer period of time.

With the key handover the new vehicle of Lüpold AG was celebrated with due diligence. We would like to thank Lüpold AG for the long-term cooperation and the driver Alex Gsell for the constructive cooperation with new ideas form the daily practice.

We hope to continue our successful cooperation in the future.


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