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Technical competence, innovative know-how, numerous patents and first-class employees make us what we are today.

Dietmar Kaiser AG

The Company

The Dietmar Kaiser AG has been established in 2003 by Dietmar J. Kaiser himself. The company is located in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein – close to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. Inspired by the achievements and the success of his forefathers, Dietmar Kaiser’s goals have always been to live up to the high standards they have set and to refine their remarkable inventions concerning municipal vehicles and components.

Alongside Dietmar Kaiser are his two sons, who have always been an integral part to the family owned business. The older of the two brothers Philipp J. Kaiser is responsible for international services and parts of the sales department, whilst Samuel D. Kaiser is in charge of local services and the production department.

At Dietmar Kaiser AG we actively pursue new technologies and develop units that are dynamic, productive and versatile and therefore renowned throughout the world. Currently the company sells its products within Europe, China, Japan, India, South Africa, America and Australia. Utilised worldwide, Dietmar Kaiser AG units have always been tested under a high range of arduous conditions in varying applications and have continuously provided proven performance and durability.

Furthermore Dietmar Kaiser Products are not only easy to operate, but also environmentally friendly. They are designed for easy and optimal integration into municipal vehicles of all manufacturers.

What we stand for

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be a leader in the area of highly efficient and top-quality environmental vehicles and components by providing

  • innovation
  • technical and production expertise
  • profitability and
  • a broad range of services.

All these are strategies and strengths, which are reflected in every single detail of all Dietmar Kaiser AG Products.

Our Mission Statement

We pursue to develop long term relationships with our customers and efficiently convert their needs into high quality products through innovation and advanced technology. With our product range we seek to serve our society by improving their environmental standards through clean streets, sewers and drains. The economic wellbeing of our community and our esteemed customers is our concern!

Our Core Values

Innovation – is the cornerstone of Dietmar Kaiser’s success. Our team is constantly working on new ideas / creative solutions and on putting them into action to meet our customers’ needs.

Precision – the technical and engineering expertise as well as the precise quality of work is reflected in all of our products.

Sustainability – the environmental wellbeing of our society and customers lie at the heart of Dietmar Kaiser AG. With our environmental friendly vehicles we seek to improve environmental standards around us.

Reliability – it is essential for Dietmar Kaiser AG to build up long term relationships with our customers, by acting with integrity, respect and fulfilling our promises at all times.

Customer orientation and customised solutions – the unique success of Dietmar Kaiser AG would not be possible without the tireless dedication and professional competence of its employees constantly concentrating on the individual requirements of our customers. Here at Dietmar Kaiser AG we are committed to deliver excellent services and products perfectly fitted to these individual requirements.

High quality – every single unit has to undergo various tests under a high range of demanding conditions to ensure the high quality of our dedicated work.

Dietmar Kaiser AG

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