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According to your demands we professionally design and construct highly productive and specialised sewer drain cleaning systems to suit your special requirements and performance specifications.
Our international involvement offers a high level of technical know-how and expertise which we translate into profitable operating techniques for the benefit of our customers. Our engineers use the latest 3D-CAD programs to maximise safety, efficiency, equipment versatility and compact construction.
We also offer expert operator training to make sure our customers have the benefit of highly productive, safe and efficient operations


The advantages of the Power Pack make the DYNA Combi unique

Number 1 export model

Compact sewer cleaning vehicle for inner-city operations and housing estates

Compact sewer cleaning vehicle with a total weight of only 12 tons!

Compact sewer cleaning vehicle with a total weight of only 7.5 tons!

DEFCO 4x4 mounted on Ford Ranger

Great performance in a light and compact design

Jetting Unit as a replacement for overloaded Jetting Buses!

Combined sewer cleaning with TV inspection in a compact design

Efficient and innovative Toilet Service Units

Professional Small Jetting Units in several sizes buit into buses and vans

The Smart Combi is especially designed for suction and jetting activites.

Professional design combined with functionality and high performance

Powerful unit in a clever design combined with superior userfriendliness

Highly functional Underground Waste Bin Cleaner

We individually design special products perfectly fitted to the goals, needs and desires of our customers

Container System, ATEX, IECex, ANZex