DYNA Manhole Recycler Combi

A fully-fledged Combi vehicle with the equipment for manhole recycling - universally applicable

A universally applicable cleaning vehicle

The Dyna shaft recycler

Our reliable, universally applicable, high-quality equipped suction-pressure vehicle ideal for manhole treatment, manhole recycling and much more. The Dyna manhole recycler, a 4-axle manhole recycling combi with a payload of 12 tons. A versatile environmental vehicle with numerous equipment variations. Whether as a saddle tank, cassette or suction trunk, it can be used for manhole recycling, sewer cleaning/recycling Combi, as a standard Combi, rinser and as a vacuum cleaner and offers many impressive advantages.
Ideally adaptable to your needs, the Dyna manhole recycler is an indispensable vehicle for your manhole work. It is easy to maintain and clean, which is a great advantage especially for the manhole recycling function. The treated water can be returned through a separate return hose. A switch makes it very easy to switch between switch recycling work and conventional combi work. Large volume for an optimum flocculation process. Thanks to our continuous further development, it impresses with the highest processing and material quality and proven technology.



The manhole recycling functions are easy to maintain and clean


Easy operation

A switch can be used to switch between manhole recycling work and conventional combi work



Large volume for an optimal flocculation process

DYNA Manhole Recycler Combi

DYNA Manhole Recycler Combi

Can also be used as a complete Combi. Conventional suctioning-, jetting- and combined operation with water recycling can be performed.


DYNA Manhole Recycler Vacuum Cleaner

Also as a conventional suction vehicle available.

All advantages:

  • The manhole recycling functions are easy to maintain and clean
  • Separate return hose for the purified water
  • A switch can be used to switch between manhole recycling work and conventional combi work
  • Large volume for an optimal flocculation process
  • 4-axle Manhole Recycling Combi with a payload of 12 tons
  • Numerous equipment variations, such as saddle tank, cassette, suction spout 180 ° + 320 °, return reel, etc.
  • Compact dimensions with maximum volume
  • Proven technology thanks to continuous development
  • Highest processing and material quality

Fields of application

Vacuuming up road gully sludge & filling with clear water
The dirt is sucked up from the road gully. The sludge is then separated from the water in the vehicle with the help of a polymer additive. The treatment system purifies the water with up to 20-30 microns to clear water. The Dyna treatment system works automatically and continuously during shaft cleaning. The clear water for refilling the sump is delivered via a separate water return line.
As a suction vehicle
It is suitable as a suction vehicle for all types of sludge, including hazardous waste. Dry suction and vacuum pumps up to 4000 m3/h with a continuously high vacuum of 92% guarantee unrivaled suction power. With ADR hazardous goods equipment, the suction vehicle can be used to vacuum hazardous waste. Dry filters are used for suctioning dry media such as dust.
As a sewer cleaning combi with water recovery
The Dyna manhole recycler can be easily switched to normal sewer cleaning with or without water recycling. The water recycling system works with the tried and tested Dyna filter, which is effective even with very heavily soiled sewers. The treatment system works continuously at flushing capacities of up to 500 l/min.
As a flushing vehicle
With high-pressure pump capacities of up to 500 l/min and 200 bar and correspondingly large flushing reels, this vehicle is a high-performance flushing vehicle.

Product data

Feature Value
Freshwater saddle tank: Around 450 l
Slurry tank: Around 11'070 l
Water tank: Around 1‘820 l
Payload: 12 t


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