Suction vehicles

Powerful suction vehicles for several capabilities



Dry vacuum suction unit & Hydro-Excavation



Suction capacity up to 9'000 m³/h

Suction vehicles

Suction vehicles usable for

  • dry suction material, for example ash, sand, gravel, filter dust, insulation wool
  • wet waste such as mud, soil, etc.


Hydro-excavation suitable for

  • exposing pipes of any kind free of damage


Nemesis dry vacuum suction unit

  • dry filters can be lifted out of the chamber by using the suction boom  – for cleaning
  • flexible 8“ suction boom for ergonomic work

All Advantages

  • Different suction vehicles with a total weight from 3,5 up to 40 tons
  • Suction capacity up to 9’000 m³/h
  • Hose diameter up to 200 mm

Product data

Feature Value
Suction power: 170m³/h- 9'000 m³/h
Hose diameter: 50mm-200 mm
Total weight: 3,5 t up to 40 t


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